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The two founders, Luisa and Camila, immerse themselves in this project in 2019, after meeting each other at their master degree at Politecnico di Milano.

Their common passion for craftsmanship and the desire to rediscover a slow design in which the protagonist is the piece produced in small series brought them to join forces to create their own studio. Luisa’s, born and raised in Milan, dipped herself very soon in her craft atelier experimenting with different materials and capturing their potential. Camila after being tainted by the different realities in which she lived around the world, discovered the majesty of the Italian arts and crafts, from different artistic currents to fashion.

- Where does your passion for design come from?

We believe that the passion for design often comes from life experiences, which lead you to reflect on how objects around us affect our mood. Design is all about relationship and relating to beautiful and functional objects makes everyday life more enjoyable.

- What inspires you?

We love to explore worlds and fields not necessarily related to product design, to find new sources of inspiration. The intent is to open our eyes even in unexpected directions to take what good can come from unexpected areas.

- What are your 3 favorite things?

Getting lost in the unexplored alleys of a new city, rewarding ourselves with some sweets that for Camila will be surely chocolate based and for Luisa some dessert with lots of whipped cream but also that split second, that cerebral flash that separates an indistinct and smoky idea from a design vision.


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