Carolina Levinton

Carolina Levinton

By Monomio Store

Carolina Levinton

- Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What is your background?

I'm an Argentine industrial designer, ceramist, and painter. 

But it was not a direct path to ceramics. I started in architecture, where I co-patented a system of lightweight slabs filled with plastic spheres. Since that original design, there are millions of disks which are the bones to countless buildings worldwide. 

Later I co-founded the start-up SUD @holasud, based in Argentina, which designs and manufactures ceramic objects. While the designs are artisanal, SUD produces large-scale and exports pieces worldwide.
More recently, based in Barcelona, I design and produce handmade unique ceramic pieces. The creative process embraces "accidents", imperfections, and randomness in the true spirit of the wabisabi-esque tradition.  


- Where does your passion for design come from?

I come from a family where almost everyone is an architect: my parents, sister, cousins, uncles and aunts. When I was a little girl and people asked me what I would like to be when I grew up I used to answer "Whatever but not an architect". Finally the apple didn't fall far from the tree, and all those trips looking up at buildings and going through museums I think had their effect.
It is inspiring to create objects that land into others' homes. Ultimately, it is the user (and not me) who completes the product experience. So please send me photos using the products!

- What inspires you?

Nature, of course. There is so much wisdom. And also the process that determines the direction of what I create. I usually start working with the clay or a painting without a closed idea and as I connect with the material, I navigate the process and feel and see where it is going, sometimes surprised by the results or taking advantage of the spontaneity.

- What are your 3 favorite things?

My family, to travel and to touch the clay in that soothing state. 



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