The Circles

The Circles

By Monomio Store

The Circles

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

The EDG Group was born from the fervor of the craftsmen and workers of laboratory that proliferated in Florence until two decades ago.

The technological evolution and progressive globalization have brought the Florentine productive panorama to have a new impulse to confront with the international market and offer itself as a high labor force aimed at the luxury market.

EDG's planning has sought, in this context, a union between sustainability and process innovation, making its legacy dialogue with contemporary needs.


Where does your passion for design come from?

My passion for design does not have a birth, but only a reason to
Design is my way of communicating, in it the need to express oneself and to
transmit emotion.
Design is the language through which to read the lived experience and in EDG it becomes matter of comparison and exchange.
Created out of the need to live in a stimulating context, I see design as a need to express yourself, to communicate and to transmit emotion; as the impulse to find harmony, satisfy a functional need, or even if only for gratification.

What inspires you?

The need itself.
The need is the trigger before the inspiration that shows the way to get to a response of form, function and communication.

What are your 3 favourite things in life?

Affections, the horizon, the uncertainty.



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