Vic Wright

Vic Wright

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Vic Wright

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What is your background?

I’m a sculptor from the North West of England and my studio is based in Greater Manchester.

I went to Humberside University to study Fine Art, which is where my love of sculpture began. After graduating l worked in the London Art scene for 18 years and worked along side many inspiring artists. Four years ago l moved back to the North of England to start my own practice and explore the joys of making again.

Where does your passion for design come from?

I think as a creative visual person there has always been a natural interest into all manor of design for as long as l can remember. I love seeing the small considered details of things. Something that someone has taken great care and thought into designing and producing.

What inspires you?

I have an explorative approach to my work and want to capture the differences between contrasting elements. I try to create a visual language between materials. This is something that is an constant source of inspiration for me in my work.

What are your 3 favorite things?

Currently my three favourite things are listening to podcasts, time in my studio and definitely Tonys Prezel Chocolate.


Vic Wright x MONOMIO


Vic Wright x MONOMIO


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