Sculptural Series, Gold No. 20/4 Vessel, MONOMIO Exclusive

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One-of-a-kind porcelain and gold vessel. That's art with function. 

This small yet beautiful sculptural container is a MONOMIO Exclusive object with a genuine gold coating on the lid, black and yellow sculpted knob on top. 3D printing utilized in the sculpted decorations. 

Color: light coral, genuine gold, black, yellow
Dimensions: ∅ 60mm Height 115mm Capacity 100ml
Handmade sustainably in Helsinki by Laura Itkonen

This vessel is exclusively sold on MONOMIO shop and is the result of the collaboration between the designer Laura Itkonen and MONOMIO. 

Please note that the product may have a production time if it’s not currently in stock. The average production time is two/three weeks, this will be confirmed via mail after the purchase.

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