Joyce Vase is part of an Exclusive MONOMIO Collection made by the ceramist Giulia Cosenza and it's one-of-a-kind speckled clay vessel

"All pieces of this MONOMIO exclusive collection are named after extraordinary women that inspire me everyday."

For this series the designer worked with white speckled clay without any colour, in order to give importance to the sculptural details and the way the light reflects on the pure shapes. In a play of light and shadow, the vases become like a liquid presence, constantly evolving according to the movement of the sun and the surrounding environment. The curved and soft lines of the vases, a tribute to the female body, generate a joyful tension of shapes.

Small decorative vase, hand thrown in Rotterdam. Speckled clay. Baked at stoneware temperature (1280 °C). Glazed inside with colored glossy finish.

Dimensions: H16 cm, diameter 12cm
Weight: 500 gr
Handmade in Rotterdam by Giulia Cosenza

Please note that this is an handmade item and small imperfections are part of the process and its beauty. Every piece is unique and could be slightly different from the picture, but still lovely.