Catiger Cotton Rug

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The Catiger Rug is entirely handmade that's why every rug of this collection is unique.

More than 90% of the materials come from recycled textiles generated in knitwear production. The remaining 10% is a high quality linen thread used as a warp.

The Catiger Cotton Rug can be exposed on the floor or on the wall. Using traditional weaving technique, the volume of production waste is very little – it fits in just one hand!

Every rug is signed by the designer and maker and has a serial number
100% handmade, 2 sizes available
Materials: 90% recycled materials 10% high quality linen
Rugs are reversibile and they can be washed in a washing machine
2% of the income goes to charity
Designed and crafted by Tartaruga Studio in Poland