Everyone deserves a soft, cool and extra comfortable bedding set for healthier sleeps like the Aliioth Bedding Set.

The Aliioth bedding set is made from a 200 TC percale weave made of organic cotton. These products are designed and produced with care so that they feel good, last for a long time and age beautifully. The Aliioth bedding set will remain soft and crisp over time, ensuring a cool and airy skin feel during your sleep.

Organic cotton has been grown from non-genetically modified crops and using less water than conventional cotton.

Colors: Dark Anthracite, Terracotta
Back side: Dark Anthracite.
The set includes: one Duvet cover, two pillow covers
Dimensions 240 x 220 cm 50 x 60 cm 
Designed by Santa Living and fairly produced in Barcelona