Los Objetos Decorativos

Los Objetos Decorativos

By Monomio Store

Los Objetos Decorativos

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What is your background?

I am Rosa Rubio, multidisciplinary designer currently working in Product, Set Design, Art Direction and Photography projects.

My work follows and explores around plasticity, through materials, sharpes and senses. The organic component integrates and becomes the essence of the communication.

Running since 2015 my personal project of Los Objetos Decorativos which moves between the design of objects, the visual field and installation.

I was born in Valencia in 1985. I studied Industrial Design and I have a Master Degree in Furniture and Lighting. After an experience in Berlin as an Interior Design intern, I moved to Barcelona and specialized in exposition display systems and new formats. During that time, I worked in different areas such as advertising, graphic design and art display for the retail industry.

Around 2016 I founded Los Objetos Decorativos, it first started as a personal project where I combined works of set design and art direction. The project was born from my need to create something and the objects seemed to be a great way to start.

At the beginning, the first pieces were just exercises and something that I did without much purpose. But after the years, I decided to put myself completely into my project and turn it into my profession.

Where does your passion for design come from? What inspires you?

I have several ways of inspiration, such as crafts, photography or fashion, but most of my inspiration comes from nature, I consider it the common thread of the LOD project. I apply it both in the object itself and in the part of photographic exploration as well as in the "set" or montage that surrounds the pieces.

I consider the element of texture to be very important. It's information, in subtlety, it's a layer, it counts and it contributes something. Each one has its own discourse and can change depending on other factors, such as the incidence of light or shadow.

In these materials we observe the imperfection of the natural component, that there are no forms that repeat in the same way and that makes it singularity.

What are your 3 favorite things?

My three favorite things would be right now: traveling in good company, capturing moments and collecting objects.


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