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- What is your background ?

We met while studying Industrial Design in Paris and early on in our friendship decided we would one day work together.
Azel went on to learn the techniques of ceramics and woodworking, while Youri branched out into metalworking.
IBKKI was above all an invitation to travel. One day Azel suggested Youri visit his home in Kabylie to show him the treasures of this region.
And it was after this first sun-filled trip, punctuated by exceptional meetings, spontaneous hospitality and friendly smiles that we decided to set down our bags in this region and turn these simple meetings into privileged partnerships.

- Where does your passion for design come from ?

Our passion for design is intimately linked to our relation to materials.
We've always enjoyed making objects and designing them came as a logical consequence. Through this combination we got to explore [object] creation from start to finish as we conceive and fabricate our pieces.

- What inspires you ?

Exchanges are what inspire us and travelling is a beautiful way to experience it. Beyond the amazing landscapes we see, travels allow us to discover different cultures and lifestyles. We get to make great encounters and share our vision too.
All of this shapes us in some way and it shows in our work.

- What are your 3 favorite things ?

One of the things we both truly enjoy is preparing good meals. We're also big fans of music. And well, among all the other things we both love to do, meeting new people gets to be one of our favorites. It is always enriching in some kind of ways as it is a fine manner to learn about the world, others but also about ourselves.


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