Abid Javed

Abid Javed

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Abid Javed

- Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background?

My artistic journey is rather non-traditional. I studied Biochemistry at university, dabbling in painting and illustration on the side. During my PhD, I was looking at three-dimensional molecules and strongly felt the urge to find a medium that would allow me to translate biological storylines in 3D. After looking at different options, I took a beginner’s course at a local ceramics studio to learn about ceramics. That was essentially my break into the ceramics world. From there on, I devoted some time to establish a research & development approach to making ceramics - almost two years to be exact. I wanted to delve a little deeper into the science behind the material and investigate methods to make forms using clay. Eventually I found my happy place in making sculptures and vessels, using a range of clay bodies.

As for my personal background, I was born in Hong Kong and spent most of my early childhood there. I also spent some time in Pakistan (Lahore) before moving to England (Manchester) and then to London, which is where I am now. Therefore, my background is a culmination of my time spent in those three countries – picking up three different languages and cultures. 

- Where does your passion for design come from?

It has been within me from an early age I feel. I have been going to museums and have been surrounded by architecture and building since I was little and that sense of wonder and awe looking at magnificently structural designs has thrilled me. Growing up, there was always a conscious sense of spaces and surroundings that affect living things. Also, I find it extremely fascinating how clever nature is with respect to its design capabilities.

- What inspires you?

 Forms and shapes in all their flavours. Biology - especially molecules and their relation and contribution to biological narratives. I admire a lot of brilliant makers and their contribution through their creativity and ideas. Especially 20th century art, which was booming with incredible list of artists and artworks. I also draw inspiration from creativity in visual arts – for instance in Fashion editorials; taking something simple as a piece of clothing and transforming the way we look at it.   

- What are your 3 favorite things?

Clay (of course), plants and water. 


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abid javed


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