Pleomorph Vase is a unique piece made with blue stoneware by Abid Javed.

As a research scientist by day, Javed predominantly draws influence for his ceramic pieces from the shapes and patterns he uncovers in the intricate world of molecular biology.

Abid is a research scientist and ceramic artist who lives and works in Hackney, east London. He combines his two passions of science and ceramics to create impressive sculptural forms inspired by molecular biology.

Predominantly he draws visual influence from his chosen field of study, often reimagining internal cells and molecules as tactile clay objects.These structures are then combined with ornate Arabic symbolism and script stemming from the artist’s culturally-rich heritage, resulting in an unlikely yet beautiful pairing.

Blue stoneware with clear glazed inside to keep vessel watertight.
Dimensions: 19cm (height) x 12cm (diameter)

Please note that the product may have a production time if it’s not currently in stock. The average production time is two - four weeks, this will be confirmed via mail after the purchase.