Cosmos Print - Limited Edition Series of 22

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A glimpse through the distance.

So Far yet so close. Cosmos as seen from earth. I have a thing for the universe and the knowledge it beholds. 

By implementing circles and ovals, I send a positive emotional message of harmony and protection. Spirals convey expansion and transformation, they represent trust during change. The selected color mix helps calm, become more peaceful and relaxed. A mix of Blues, Reds with a touch of Pink and Purple.

The Artworks are printed on: Photographic Print. High Quality Photographic Paper 310grs. Using resin and pigmented inks.

THE VIBES by AT: Through the Power of Color and Form, Independent Product Designer & Artist Angelica Tcherassi has the mission through her artworks to help elevate our spaces and our own vibrations. Choosing color mixes, palettes, tones and proportions that resonate with her own knowhow, heart and soul. Emitting good vibes into the world.